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After all of the work that we did, it was very sad for me to miss our closing events and to wish everyone well because I was so sick on that last Saturday. I’m posting a picture of most of the group even though I was not there to witness it. There were three ladies in the class and only one is in this picture. I don’t know the whole story on that. One of the women was responsible for women’s issues within the company including training for all employees and mentorship programs. There is clearly a value for the skills and contributions of women and I’m hoping her efforts pay dividends later. Overall, the ETC is staffed by a smart group of hard working and bright people doing a very difficult job. I wish them well and am hopeful that they can improve services in a way that benefits the people of Ethiopia.


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Today we wrapped up the first week of our intense training program. We have two weeks to go. I am looking forward to the colleagues who will be coming and going throughout the rest of the time and to seeing how the students react to all of the new ideas.

Here is a quick picture of me with some of our students on the steps of CTIT, looking pretty tired. I also got in trouble for taking this picture. A guard scolded me. Later my colleague Mariye explained that they had trouble with visiting faculty from China photographing the building and then photoshopping their own logo on the sign. So, I’ll have to get a photography “license” before I can take any more pictures of our students.

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I just arrived in Ethiopia late last night and am still getting my bearings before we begin teaching workshops tomorrow morning. I am here with a team of colleagues to deliver an intensive 18 day workshop on telecom policy and regulation. We will have an interesting cast of characters coming and going over the next several weeks. So, I’m hoping to learn something new myself and hoping to have a little time to see some of this fascinating city if not more of Ethiopia. Everyone always says that it is different from the rest of Africa and do far that seems true to me. It is a real cross road; an intersection of North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East with an overlaying sheen of the Soviet Union and Italy. Seriously.

So far, all I have done is work, but I’ll post some stories as the week unfolds.

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